Monday, April 11, 2005

OMG! It's Like Totally 1985!

OMG! It's Like Totally 1985!, originally uploaded by camera1.

So like, me and my friend were at, like, you know, the mall, and we, like, saw these totally awesome shoes, and they had them in these totally rad metallic colors so we like totally tried them on and they were even more totally awesome on, and my friend? she like tried on the metallic pink because she, you know, totally loves pink, and I tried on the green, because, like, you know, I totally love green.

We like totally planned my wedding right there in the store. When I get like, married, I'm totally going to make my friends wear these shoes with matching shiny metallic taffeta dresses with drop waists and huge bows on their bums and poufy sleeves. They'll each, like, totally wear a different color so it will be like a metallic rainbow. It'll be so awesome. And the guys will wear matching metallic cumberbunds and lapels. I hope the guy I marry looks good in bright metallics. It would be totally awesome if he drove a bitchin' Camero in metallic green.

And then, like after we tried them on we like went and tried to find Loreal Studio Line gel so we could, like, you know, totally make our hair super rad.

If it really were 1985, (and I were younger) and if I had money to blow on shoes I'd wear once, and if I were Paris Hilton and had an outfit which would look perfect with these, I would have bought them.

And yes, I would wear them with my black socks. Anklets. With lace trim. Cuffed down a la Valley Girl.

Yeah. I'd totally rock.


Blogger Useless Information Man said...

You already do rock, Ms. Tr. (Now, excuse me, I have to fight off some bad junior high school memories that are threatening my sanity right now.)

8:06 AM  
Blogger camera1 said...

Thanks UIM, you totally rock, too. Fer sure.

9:19 AM  

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